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  • SpinetiX

    Number 1 Choice for Digital Signage Solution


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    DiVA Tech Specs

    Single Screen by DiVA


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    Single Site by Elementi S

    Bringing Everyday Data to Digital Signage

    150+ Widgets included


    Customers are working with daily calendars, spreadsheets and other common tools. “Elementi S” simplifies the content creation for digital signage, use of customer data, and even more importantly it makes digital signage dynamic with the help of more than 150 included data-driven widgets.

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    Multi Site by Elementi M

    Multi Site by Elementi M offers collaboration and sharing, unlimited screens,

    various storage options and professional quality with 3 year warranty

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  • Solstice Pod

    Preferred Choice for Wireless Collaboration Tool

    BYOD Support for the Conference Room or Classroom

    The Solstice Pod allows multiple users to simultaneously share media to a room display using their laptops and mobile devices over a WiFi or Ethernet network.

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    Multi-User and Multi-Source Support

    Multiple user can bring virtually any device into a meeting and share content to the Solstice wireless display.

    Present Anything, Wirelessly

    The Solstice Pod allows users to connect and share just about any visual media. Share desktops with synchronous audio, application windows, videos, images and mirror mobile device screens to the display. Each source is a live video stream that is updated in real-time on the display.

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  • KanexPro

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    About KanexPro

    Leveraging our core strength in professional A/V products, KanexPro carries a complete selection of A/V connectivity needs. When planning digital installations you will find that we carry a broad line of A/V connectivity products enabling you to broadcast, extend, split, or multiply HD signal transmissions; simply and cost-effectively.


    With a complete assortment of A/V connectivity products, our product line includes HDMI matrix and VGA matrix switchers, HDMI and DVI extender solutions, HDMI splitters and amplifier solutions. In addition to the KanexPro Signal Division Products we offer a complete selection of High-resolution HDMI cables and adapters enabling flexible A/V choices.


    Our mission is always to create top-tier technology reliable and affordable.

    Range of Video Distribution We Offer !

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  • Pop-Out Video Wall Mount

    Easy installation & maintenance

    6 point micro adjustment

    Perfect solution for VideoWall projects

    Landscape Mount With Pop-Out

    Model: VW0346T

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    Portrait Mount With Pop-Out

    Model: VW0364T

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    Why choose VW03 Series?

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    VW03 Series

    Great for landscape or portrait screen orientation in videowall application,

    offering easy installation and maintainance for multiple screen.


    VW03 series provide the perfect solution to your digital signage project.

    With simple installation and easy micro adjustments, the display are align with precision and held

    close against the wall for clean, low-profile appearence.